Mrs Tolagbe Martins, Head of The Social Place Lagos, an Event Decor Company and Party Venue located in the heart of Victoria Island got a whole beautiful and trendy Handmade Thank You Greeting Card by Yours Truly *wink*.

This Handmade Card that speaks uniqueness all wrapped up with simplicity with the distinctive peacock design of the Social Place logo that gives an hint of Elegance which portrays what the company is about as well as the purpose of this greeting card.


This uniquely crafted Thanks you Card for Mrs Tolagbe Martins of The Social Place Lagos comes out with a creative & simple finesse idea using cardboard with different colours to create the Peacock Logo Designs, and a matching colour for all other items/writings on the greeting card. See more pictures below..

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The Social Place Lagos | Thank You Card

Dimension (L x B): 25′ x 15′ inches

Theme features Company Logo & Colour

Features: Fade Background Details, Polymark Effect & Studs

Colour: Pink, Purple & White

Client & Copyright

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