Appointment Greeting Card | Lagos State Head Of Service

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Appointment Greeting Card for Head Of Service, Lagos State.Here is one greeting card we don’t want to deliver because we loved it so Dear, it is an Appointment Greeting Card for Lagos State Head Of Service!!!

Starting with the Lagos State Logo itself which took us about 2 hours to put together using Artistic Foams, card boards and different colours of Polymark to create the inscriptions on the Logo.

We wanted something vast from the usual & the colour choice was motivated by the Lagos State Colour Theme. So we chose Yellow as a background colour & every other colour choice was contrast from the Background…

The RED, BLUE, YELLOW & GREEN stripes concept were from the Lagos State badge and we created a photo frames using different coloured card stocks and a binding transparent plastic. The picture pre-printed was pasted before covering with the picture frame created.




Appointment Greeting Card Design

The ‘WILLIAMS’ name was die-cut from a spongy artistic foam, pasted on a white embossed card and again die-cut. This was given a 3D effect by raising with a sticky foam underneath and pasted on a red cardboard which in-turn was die-cut and finally pasted on the main card body.

We must confess this one took us in-depth into the Lagos Government as we became their top choice handmade card designer.

Appointment Greeting Card for Head Of Service, Lagos State.

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