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Retirement Greeting Card | Lagos State OfficeA Retirement Greeting Card from a Lagos State Office by the leading producer of Handmade Greeting Cards in Lagos State, Nigeria. Here we go again!!!

Up there as you can see are two different cards, and since they are for the same recipient we had to work out something totally different from each other… But I must tell you, these jobs are so unique the pictures can’t tell every detail…

Sizes Of Retirement Greeting Card

The sizes of these Retirement Greeting Card from a Lagos State Office are our large & medium size cards, which are 25 x 15 inches & 18 x 9 inches respectively. These sizes are derived from specific shapes we want our cards to be. The sizes are just like that of Lagos State Head of Service Appointment Card and Spongebob Animated Card.

Retirement Greeting Card

Used about 3 shades of blue for the large card, & the hand crafted lagos state logo didn’t take as much time as it used to because I’m mastering the design already. Used an artistic sponge foam I got from AB Artworld to die-cut the ‘OTTUN’ name and the whole colour blend was just perfect.. Its one of my favourites! 🙂

Brown Handmade Greeting Card for Retirement From a Lagos State Office

The colour theme for the medium card is a metallic bronze and brown colour. I still need to get perfect with my camera so as to give very good details of the cards exactly! This is one card that’ll sure make you drool as it looks so much like a CAKE 🙂

Now you can tell we are the leading producer of Handmade Greeting Cards in Lagos State & Nigeria as a whole.
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