Renting a training space should be simple. We do just that!

CV Training Space Rental

Equipped with the right settings for use by creative businesses, tutors, non-profit organizations and startups for training. Apply for our training space rental by the month, day or hour.

Regardless of what type of creative training you want to host, our training space will meet your classroom rental needs while nurturing a learning environment that all participants will enjoy. You can also sit back and relax knowing that every detail is being managed and coordinated by us.

Finding a training room with the right layout and location makes all the difference in your learning experience. Holding a capacity of 8 – 10 students at a time, whether you need a backyard for your filing, sandpapering, hammering & all cuttings, or a more conventional classroom setup with front-facing chairs or a collaborative setting that promotes dialogue and brainstorming, you shall have it.

If you’re looking to execute an effective art and crafts training session, you’ve come to the right place. Reserve training room facility online so you have the space you need, with amenities like well-placed furniture, uninterrupted power supply, ample parking space, conducive learning environment and chilling air-conditioning.

We provide:

  • A training room with flexible room layouts
  • Backyard space for rough works
  • Full Air-conditioning
  • Facility access hours typically from 9:00 am – 4:00pm (Mon – Friday)
  • Technical coordination & admin support
  • Rest Room
  • Parking Space